Interview with Message Heard Founder, Jake Warren

Message Heard Founder, Jake Warren, sat down with the good folks at BrightTALK to discuss podcasts! Have a listen to their webinar here. BrightTALK host, Ryan Ross, gets Jake to outline loads of podcast-y things for you, like:

  • Why the UK podcasting industry is going from budding to blooming

  • How to tell your story through sound and why that can be more compelling than video

  • Whether anyone can & should create a podcast (there are a LOT of never-listened-to podcasts out there

  • Hot tips on what makes a GREAT podcast- that will get listened to by your target audience

  • Why podcasting works for internal communications

  • How podcasting can help you OWN the conversation in your industry-moving beyond white papers that no client ever reads

  • Tricks of the trade- what podcast producers consider when they help you craft your internal AND external stories