Conflicted: Our First Original Podcast

Last week, we released the first of a six-part audio series, Conflicted.

Message Heard’s first original podcast, Conflicted is a unique offering for UK podcast fans that combines the intimacy of long-form interview with high-level political insight.

Each week, hosts Aimen Dean and Thomas Small take us step by step through the conflicts that have embroiled the Middle East since 9/11 - illuminating the geo-political complexities through the prism of their unique personal experiences as they go. This odd couple , one a former Al Qaeda bomb-maker, the other a ex-Greek Orthodox Monk, find unexpected common ground as they grapple with fundamentalism, terrorism and the global implications of their lived experience.

They even manage to see the funny side of having a fatwha on your head along the way.

It’s been an exciting first week. The show’s been featured on Apple Podcasts – climbing up to number 8 on the news and politics chart, and 31 on the overall shows chart. After months of painstaking production, it’s exciting be seeing people react and engage in real time.

Episode two is out today – with a new episodes being released every Wednesday. Listen where ever you get your podcasts.