Where is Joseph Kony in 2019?

In 2012, a viral video from an American filmmaker made Joseph Kony a household name.

The campaign, ran by Jason Russell and his charity Invisible Children, had a clear goal: make Kony famous.

In only six days, Kony 2012 had become the most viral video of all time with 100 million views. The once obscure Ugandan warlord was plastered across Facebook and Twitter. The campaign was covered by media outlets far and wide - from CNN to Alex Jones.

Mission accomplished? Perhaps not.

Seven years, and $800 million dollars later, he still hasn’t been caught or held accountable for his crimes.

This week on Undiscovered, we find look beyond Kony 2012 - taking a look at the vast network of people and organisations, including the International Criminal Court and President Obama, that invested in capturing the war lord.

In this episode we speak to filmmaker Jason Russell, explorer Robert Young Pelton, conflict analyst Sasha Lezhnev and National Geographic producer JJ Kelley to find out the full story.

This is the first episode of our new series Undiscovered - a podcast that cuts through the noise in your newsfeed.

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